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If you liked the game consider donating (with the big blue button above) so I can make more weird and crazy stuff in game format. And if you didn't liked the game donate a load bunch of money so I can retire and stop making games!
(Just kidding, I'm not stopping. But you can donate the money anyway *wink* )

You can also get the entire project so you can see how I made the game or to use some of the assets from it in you own games.

"Andrea Giratti was a unhappy person that suffered with people mocking him. One day a truck with radioactive material tumbles, spilling it's content and giving Andrea super powers. Now he seeks for revenge from the ones who made him suffer and anyone else who cross his path."

Switch the real world frustration for some digital frustration in this endless retro runner full of your average day stuff like bullies, rage, explosions and super powers!

"I'm Gonna Kill The Ones Who Hurt Me And Everybody Else Because Now I Got Super Powers" is my 1st entry to One Game a Week Challenge.

It was made with the awesome Construct 2.

Musics from:
Flash Run -
Valkyrie Demo - We Are The Future (not included in the full project and assets pack)