Remember that time when Little Red Riding Hood went visiting her grandma and then something went wrong? Well, it's an old tale and the details weren't quite clear to me, but I'm pretty sure things happened the way it's portrayed in this little game.

I hope you enjoy!

TTWLRRHRGFTBWP(WHB), pronounced "Double-T-With-Left-Double-Right-Her-Gift-Be-W-Pe-Ah-Forget-It-This-Name-Doesn't-Even-Have-A-Single-Vowel-For-Pete's-Sake!", is a game created as part of the Grandma Game Jam that happened during the Mobile and Web Game Development class of the Gaming Programming course.

My inspirations were Canabalt, Little Red Riding Hood and Tony Hawk's Pro Skater. Yes, that random.

The Game Jam rules were:

  • Two Weeks to develop the game in class (3 people per group)
  • Only use 3 base colors
  • Android and Web Builds
  • Theme: Grandma


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Pretty fun thing! Your inspirations definitely sound like a weird mix, but I feel that it came together for a nice experience. Managed to get 18360 as my high score!